Day at Porvoo

Yesterday I spent a day in Porvoo with my beautiful friend Sofia and his french boyfriend Dani.. Sebastian. Well, Let’s just call him Dani, because I think I wont be able to write his name correctly anyway.

I have met Dani before, so it wasn’t the first time we met. Sofia wanted to suprise him by taking him to Porvoo so we made a masterplan and we totally suprised Dani. He told me later he almost had an heart attack. Haha, sorry. I didn’t meant to scary you, but you know me, I’m kinda crazy!

Before going to the old part of Porvoo, we went to grocery store to get some food and drink. I was actully excited to tag along, even thought I consider myself as a third wheel, because Porvoo is beautiful place to take photos. Instead of shooting landscapes, I took photos of these guys. Dani was a real poser and Sofia didn’t mind about my camera at all.

porvoo (9)

porvoo (21)

porvoo (31)

It was a sunny day, but also windy. First we put our blanket in the shadow, but we move it to the sun after a while. We felt like celebrities, because all the tourist buses came next to us, so there were a lot of kids and chinese people. With their cameras of course… So, there we were, in the middle of kids and chinese people.


porvoo (37)

porvoo (39)

After our drinks and food we decided to find a bathroom (my suggestion about peeing in the river wasn’t okay?) and I wanted to see the old railroad. Right next to us was a public restroom and it was free. WHAT. There is no such thing! And believe me or not, it was actually really clean restroom. I had some kind of seizure in the restroom, I was laughing hysterically, but there was really some person behind the wall who was pushing the paper towels! I’m not crazy!

porvoo (46)

So then we went to check railroad (while those two were laughing at me) and we didn’t walk far enough to see the old station, but railroad was the thing. I took of course some walking photos with railroads. Do you remember the time when everyone had pictures like that?

porvoo (52)

porvoo (54)
porvoo (60)

porvoo (65)

Dani is carrying my dotted tote bag, such a gentleman! And plastic bag of course. Because I had car in time-sensitive space, we had to walk back to car and move it a little bit. Sofia had a plan to pick up some chocolate to her sister’s wedding from Brunberg, but we decided to do some walk before going to the shop.

porvoo (66)

porvoo (67)

porvoo (70)

porvoo (80)

Oh, look it’s Pretty Little Liars! Really, maybe A is hiding in here? Should we see…?

porvoo (85)

And above it was a wet stain that Dani thought it looked like a Finland. Does it? Really? Maybe, if you’re drunk!

porvoo (86)

Oh, this table was so cool, even though this would never end up in our home, but still. It’s cute!

porvoo (89)

porvoo (104)

porvoo (112)

And at least we end up to Brunberg’s shop. I tasted tar-licorice, it was maybe too much tar for me. I didn’t buy anything, but the chocolate for the wedding is now ”checked”!

porvoo (114)

porvoo (116)

porvoo (117)

porvoo (122)

porvoo (124)

Btw, in the pink house the Fjördjgjegowj was Pelastusarmeija. We should have go there! I love this pink building. It’s where Barbie lives in my mind.

So, that was Porvoo at this time! Thank you so much Sofia and Sébastien! You are the cutest! <3

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