Week 37

I know, it’s tuesday already and I’m not sure what to tell you guys about my last week. My another summer vacation started friday little earlier than I thought. I supposed to work until 2pm, but I was having long coffee break with my co-worker, who was having her last day with us. I was making her a binder as a goodbye gift and she loved it so much she cried. She is so super.

So last week I was making that binder. And I kept coloring my adult coloring book. I really think it’s good time to shut down my brain and just let my mind … be.

One day I wanted to go to our storage unit and find my hubby’s Little Buddy. He has this weird stuffed boy from the year he was born. He calls it Little Buddy and I think it’s sweet. When we moved I was sure I packed it away, but after we moved we couldn’t find it anywhere. Well, I found little box with some stuffed animals and his Little Buddy. With my Snoopy. My hubby was so happy when he saw his Little Buddy in our home office. Our stuffed friends gave me an idea to decorate home office, but let see when I will get to the IKEA.


I was having quite OK week at work, but I realized I still need my meds and I really should work with my ”diary”.

I got my nails done. With brown color, really?


Weekend started with good food and ”Sinister”. It was just okay, nothing more. I honestly expected more, but you can’t always win.


At sunday my hubby’s oldest younger brother came here, we made food and played and stayed up for too long. After that? You’ll have to wait 🙂


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